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Reykjavik International Film Festival 2013

The Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF) is back. This year it is bigger than ever and we are proud sponsors of the festivities with many respected professionals of the film trade staying in our hotel as well as we once again welcome a group from Talk Cinema lead by the incomparable Harlan Jacobson. Read on for some of the exciting things happening in the next two weeks at RIFF.

Culture Night 2013

This year´s Culture Night was on 24th August. It was an amazing day with lots of interesting activities taking place around the city. The weather was not great, as can be said for the whole summer but of course, we didn´t let that ruin our day. Here is a short video to show a few of the interesting things happening around town: 

New Website

We´ve been working on opening a new website for the hotel for over a year and finally it is up and running.


Ítalía - The only Italian in Reykjavik

It is a little harsh to say it is the only Italian Restaurant in Reykjavík but it is, by far, the best. Ítalía has been around for over 25 years and never changes. Like they say, if it ain´t broke, don´t fix it. 

Best Burger? Vegamót

Who doesn´t like a good burger? In Iceland, that is a growing market every month, believe it or not. We enjoy it too so we thought we would share some of the best ones with our readers. 

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