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Sharing Secrets

The Inspired by Iceland campaign has impressed us in the last couple of years. First it was inviting complete strangers into your home or to an adventure, then it was a little kitchen that travelled the country, delighting the tastebuds of visitors. Now it is sharing little secrets about Iceland. 

This winter, the campaign is inspiring locals to let foreign visitors in on Iceland´s many little secrets. Places, people and activities that maybe have been sort of hidden from outsiders up until now. Well, we are going to be trying to do our part to keep this interesting but of course we like to start at home.

Hotel Holt boasts Iceland´s largest privately owned art collection and, in fact, our walls represent the only permanent exhibition of local art to be found anywhere in Iceland. In addition to some of the most impressive works of art being open to the public most of the time inside the hotel, I am more than happy to take our guests on a private tour of the artwork and how some of them came to be in our possession, as long as I am not out on other business. 

Let that be our first contribution to the #icelandsecret initiative. Hopefully, we will share a lot more with you this winter. Check out the video below for more information.

Oh, and of course, if you have any secrets to share with us, please do! #hotelholt

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