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Kjarval loses his currency

2000 Kall NewrenderSad news today for all of us at Hotel Holt when the Icelandic federal bank announced a new bill. The exciting news of the 10.000ISK new bill, doubling the value of our previously largest bill, the 5.000ISK, was followed by the sad news that the 2.000ISK bill will no longer be printed. Why is that sad for us?

Because the face of that bill was our beloved painter, Jóhannes S. Kjarval. For those of you who have not visited our hotel yet, his paintings and scetches dominate the art collection of the building and when I take guests on tours of the collection I like to make a point that he is not just important to the hotel but to the whole of the population. It is not everyday that a person is printed on a nations currency, after all. 

Well, it looks like we will need to hoard all the 2.000ISK bills from now on to prove our point to our art tour guests. But we hope you will all agree that seeing Kjarval´s work is enough to be touched by his talents and extra confirmation is not necessary. 







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