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Beautiful Icelandic Paintings by a Loyal Guest

Laura Murphy Frankstone is a big fan of Iceland and we like to think she is a fan of Hotel Holt as well. She and her husband stay with us everytime they visit Iceland, seeking inspiration and rejuvenation. Recently, she opened an exhibition of her Iceland inspired paintings and needless to say, I was impressed. 

Icelandic Cinema Trailers

Since the 10th Annual Reykjavik International Film Festival has almost run it´s course, we thought it might be of interest to our readers to look at some of Icelandic cinema´s best movie trailers. 

Sharing Secrets

The Inspired by Iceland campaign has impressed us in the last couple of years. First it was inviting complete strangers into your home or to an adventure, then it was a little kitchen that travelled the country, delighting the tastebuds of visitors. Now it is sharing little secrets about Iceland. 

Kjarval loses his currency

Sad news today for all of us at Hotel Holt when the Icelandic federal bank announced a new bill. The exciting news of the 10.000ISK new bill, doubling the value of our previously largest bill, the 5.000ISK, was followed by the sad news that the 2.000ISK bill will no longer be printed. Why is that sad for us? 

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