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Bergstadastraeti 37, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
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Holt is where the heart is!

Welcome to Hotel Holt, a small 4 star boutique hotel located on a quiet street in Reykjavík city center. At Hotel Holt, our dedicated guest service team does it´s absolutely best to make your stay in Iceland an unforgettable one. Gallery Restaurant is Iceland´s premier dining experience with options to fit every palate.

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On Guests: 

Holt is where the heart is!

At Hotel Holt, our dedication is to our guests. We value our role in making our guests feel special and their visit to Iceland unforgettable. Our guests are willing to pay a little extra for added comfort, service, atmosphere and we are more than willing to accommodate those wishes. Our dedication to serving all our guests fully from the moment they make contact until they come again, is unrivalled because it comes from the heart. We believe in making a profit, but not at the expense of the superior service all our guests should experience. We want our guests to stay, be inspired and when they think about their stay long after they leave, we would like to think they have no words, just a slow sigh and a relaxed smile. Holt is where the heart is.


On Human Resources:

Central to our philosophy is hiring the right people. Only the most dedicated professionals are able to join our hotel and restaurant teams. We value a sincere service attitude above all other things. Education gets you nowhere if you do not possess a passion for facilitating unforgettable memories and making sure our guests never regret the choice they made when they booked with us. That is the only intangible we cannot train. If you have that, we would welcome an application from you. 


On the Environment: 

PlantforplanetmonacoBeautiful, unspoilt nature is Iceland´s most distinct quality. It seems man has managed to squeeze the life out of it all over the world and at Hotel Holt, we are aware of our role in this. Our heating is geothermal (as everywhere in Iceland), our toiletries come in biodegradable plastic (disolving in landfills in 5 years) and we are always working on ways to make our cleaning processes more environmentally friendly without sacrificing the quality and cleanliness of the guest experience. 

What we are most excited about is employing the support of our guests to offset their stay by opting into a program where trees are planted. Our guests can decide to leave 1 euro on their invoice and that will pay for a fantastic organization, called Plant for the Planet, to plant a tree somewhere in the world. This organization is led by a German youngster, Felix Finkbeiner, who was sick and tired of governments around the world giving up climate change goals because of supposedly more pressing matters such as the economy. He decided to take his own future, and the future of the planet, into his own hands and now his organization handles the UNICEF tree planting counter for the whole planet and we would love to support that project. Please read more about the project here.  

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