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Bergstadastraeti 37, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
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Holt is where the heart is!

Welcome to Hotel Holt, a small 4 star boutique hotel located on a quiet street in Reykjavík city center. At Hotel Holt, our dedicated guest service team does it´s absolutely best to make your stay in Iceland an unforgettable one. Gallery Restaurant is Iceland´s premier dining experience with options to fit every palate.

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Hotel Holt opened February 12th, 1965. 

The building was built by entrepreneur Þorvaldur Guðmundsson, and his wife Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir. The hotel has always been owned by their family and is now owned by their daughter Geirlaug Þorvaldsdóttir. She runs the hotel part and outsources the food and beverage part. Þorvaldur and Ingibjörg were avid art lovers and especially supported Icelandic artists in their work, like Jóhannes S. Kjarval and Jón Stefánsson. The public areas and walls of the hotel building are adorned with many beautiful pieces of Icelandic art from the largest privately owned art collection in Iceland.  


The hotel originally included 36 rooms. In 1973, the room count was increased to 53 but again in 1993 the count was taken down to 42 rooms, taking into account the demand of guests for more spacious and comfortable rooms. From the year 2005, one room has been converted to a small fitness room while all guests also have free access to the off-site World Class fitness centre and geothermal pool, the largest in Iceland. 

Gallery Restaurant

The restaurant has been at the forefront of culinary excellence in Iceland since opening in 1965. The locals entrust the restaurant with their monumental moments in life and groups gather to celebrate Christmas and other occasions there. Cured salmon and the legendary lobster soup are two courses unrivalled by competitors anywhere else in the world. 

Wine Cellar

The restaurant has an impressive wine cellar which holds almost all the appellations of the Bordeaux wine region. Wine tastings there are a regular occurrence in beautiful surroundings.


Þorvaldur and Ingibjörg ran the hotel and restaurant for several years until their son Skúli Þorvaldsson took over. He ran it alone until 1994 when Eiríkur Ingi, the executive chef, became his right hand man. Eiríkur Ingi then officially took over as hotel manager in 1998 when Skúli stepped back while still owning the business. In 2004 his sister, Geirlaug, took over and outsourced the management of the hotel and restaurant to Eiríkur Ingi. In 2007, Eiríkur Ingi´s son, Friðgeir Ingi, returned to his origins to join his father in the business. 

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